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Cocoon provides you with insight into the threats that are present for your organization through a thorough threat analysis

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Insight into the threat level at your company


Cocoon risk management visualizes the invisible for you. We prepare your organization for an incident or crisis by drawing up a realistic threat assessment!

A threat analysis focuses on mapping the assets of an organization, the possible attackers and the modus operandi or working method of the attackers. It is crucial to conduct a threat analysis and determine where a threat comes from, what form a threat it is and how real the threat is. This requires experience and specialist knowledge, Cocoon risk management possesses both. With our knowledge of criminology, OSINT, High Risk Security and Terror Prevention, we perform a solid and thorough threat analysis for your organization, we then give usable advice. Activists, criminals and terrorists never sit still.

Don’t wait until you unexpectedly fall victim to malicious parties and contact us today!


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What is a threat analysis?

During a threat analysis, an investigation is carried out into possible malicious parties and the undesirable activities they could perform. During the analysis, we look at the assets to be protected, but also at possible offender groups. These can be activists, for example, but also terrorists. The difference between a risk analysis and a threat analysis is small, but important to know. Think of a threat as the malicious “intruder” who wants to harm your organization, and a risk as the open window through which he can get in.

Today we have more than sufficient scientific support for compiling offender profiles and the working methods of criminals, or their modus operandi. Whether the threat is terror-related or comes from (organized) crime, we provide you with insight into the situation and provide the right protection. The comment we often hear; “If they want to, they will succeed” is incorrect. Because if we get to know the perpetrator, and we know how he will strike, then it is also possible to protect you against it.


Threat Image


Of the Dutch population is a victim to cybercrime

Dutch Threat level according to the Dutch National Coordinator Anti-Terrorism and Safety

Damage suffered by Dutch organizations as a result of crime

The use of a threat analysis

In the Netherlands, intelligence services publish threat images. For example: ‘Threat Assessment Netherlands Terrorism’ or ‘Threat Assessment State Actors.’ These threat images contain valuable information for organizations. A terrorist threat can affect your day-to-day business or your continuity. Organizations that work with Intellectual Property run a particularly high risk of espionage. The information from these threat images thus helps organizations to organize their security in a more targeted and cost-efficient way.

The utility of a threat analysis has always been known to us, but this was confirmed once again in practice. In 2003, one of our experts worked as Head of Security for Euro Just, a European judicial institution based in The Hague. During this period, our expert performed a threat analysis in order to create a realistic threat picture for the organization. Based on the results of this analysis, measures were implemented to counter the threats. This ultimately led our expert to foil a bomb attack on the then president of EuroJust. A threat analysis therefore provides the insights you need to implement targeted and successful security measures.

OSINT & Threat Analyses

Malicious groups, such as activists, for example, often communicate through public sources about the actions they intend to take. This means that threats can be made transparent at an early stage. Through an investigation into open sources, Redteam experts can provide you with insight into the threats spread through open sources. The use of open sources has increased in recent years due to digitization and is becoming increasingly important in preparing a threat analysis. Based on these insights, appropriate measures can be taken such that your organization works as proactively as possible on a safe organization. After all, organizations may have to deal with disruptions to business operations or threats to employees. Unfortunately, society is hardening more and more. For example, activists can cause a lot of damage, demonstrations are getting bigger and more aggressive and corporate espionage is becoming more refined. Sometimes companies even have to deal with disruptions by so-called state actors such as foreign intelligence services. With the help of OSINT you can get ahead of such topics at an early stage.

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