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Cocoon performs a CPTED Quickscan to present your situation.

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Insight into your safety

Cocoon risk management analyzes, advises and coordinates your new-build construction, renovation or existing construction where necessary by means of a CPTED Quickscan.

Is there a feeling of insecurity in your organization? Or are you curious whether you can better the sense of security in your organisation? Then consider a CPTED Quickscan. CPTED or Security by Design is the design of a building or area, done in such a way that undesirable behavior is not given a chance and desirable behavior is stimulated. By planning, designing or arranging buildings in a certain way, crime, nuisance and undesirable behavior are prevented. At Cocoon, we have been specialized for years in applying CPTED for urban areas, but especially for business. For example, if your employees do not feel safe in the bicycle shed or if you are experiencing nuisance, we can perform a Quickscan for you into the risks and we can map out the undesirable behavior that is present.

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About Cocoon

Cocoon risk management has been providing practical solutions in the field of Safety, Security and Design since 2000. Our services include making an inventory of your risks and providing professionally substantiated, customized advice.


We are a Dutch, independent consultancy firm.


Efficient, effective and customer-oriented solutions for every security issue.


Cocoon is known as one of the forerunners in the market.

Personalized approach

A personal approach in combination with a project-based approach ensures customization.

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What is a CPTED Quickscan?

With a CPTED Quickscan we make an overview for you of unsafe areas and/or undesirable behavior within your company and the associated risks. We will then examine per area what the possibilities are to eliminate the undesirable behavior through the design. We do this by improving visibility, attractiveness, accessibility and clarity.

We will therefore first make an inventory and analyze your situation, afterwards we formulate an advice with possible solutions for the long and short term. We will always consider your budget and we will discuss what we can achieve within that budget. If you already have a building plan, we as Cocoon can always check it within the framework of CPTED. We have extensive experience with drafting a vision document to test building plans in the preliminary or final design phase and even upon completion of projects.


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Why a CPTED Quickscan by Cocoon?

At Cocoon we have been active in the Safety & Security industry for more than 20 years. Our vision on security focuses on creating a natural form of security, in which the security measures must be distinctive to your organization. Our security advisors have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Security by Design. We always take into account both the economic and safety interests during the process, to establish a higher level of safety against lower initial costs for your company. Not sure whether CPTED has added value for you? We are certain it does, so we offer all new and existing customers free advice. If it is not what you expect, it will not cost you any (additional) money. Are you convinced? Then we’ll make something great together!

What can you expect from us?

At Cocoon, we strive to keep communication lines as short as possible. We often put together a project team of specialists for our clients because of the diversity and complexity of issues. The project team always has a fixed contact person for you who is familiar with the ins and outs of your unique situation. This personal approach combined with the approach of the project team provides customized solutions. Cocoon is a completely independent consultancy firm that is not influenced by any form of conflict of interest. We provide you with useful and clear reporting and are always prepared to explain this in person.

Quality and integrity are our top priority!