Periodic PEN Test

Cocoon periodically maps the vulnerability of your digital security by means of a Periodic PEN Test.

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What is a Periodic PEN Test?

The Periodic cyber pen test is a recurring security investigation carried out on request or at fixed moments, it is also possible to have this security investigation carried out continuously. Periodic cyber pen tests are provided with an automated report or with a manually written clear readable report. This report is then provided with practical and technical solutions. Previously encountered vulnerabilities are automatically processed so that you are always aware of the security of your digital assets.


About Cocoon

Cocoon risk management has been providing practical solutions in the field of Safety, Security and Design since 2000. Our services include making an inventory of your risks and providing professionally substantiated, customized advice.


We are a Dutch, independent consultancy firm.


Efficient, effective and customer-oriented solutions for every security issue.


Cocoon is known as one of the forerunners in the market.

Personalized approach

A personal approach in combination with a project-based approach ensures customization.

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Our Method

Cyber security investigations can be offered as a black/grey/white/crystal box, according to the defense in depth principle. Cyber security reports are provided according to the following guidelines: MITER ATT&CK® Matrix for Enterprise, OWASP Web Security Testing Guidelines, OSSTMM 3, PTES, NIST (SP) 800-115, Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment, NCSC-NL – IT Security Guidelines for Transport Layer Security (TLS) V2.1 and provided with CVS Score (3.1) and OWASP Top 10:2021 category.


Our results


of red teaming operations is successful

successful operations this year


of companies is vulnerable

What can you expect from us?

At Cocoon risk management we have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly perform a Periodic PEN Test. We combine our many years of experience as a consultancy with the knowledge and drive of young cyber specialists. At Cocoon we always strive for short communication lines. Due to the complexity and diversity, we usually put together a project team of specialists for our customers. The project team always has one permanent contact person for the client who knows all the ins and outs of your specific situation. This personal element combined with the approach of the project team provides customized solutions. We are a completely independent Dutch consultancy firm that is not influenced by any form of conflict of interest. Whether it concerns safety, security or cybersecurity, we are happy to help you. Quality and integrity are of paramount importance to us!