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Cocoon maps the vulnerability of your digital applications and infrastructure by means of a Security Application Test.

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Policy for digital safety and security

Cocoon risk management provides insight into the vulnerabilities of your digital safety and security by testing the security of your applications.

A Security Application Test (SAT) identifies weak spots and vulnerabilities in the source code of mobile and web applications. The application layer ensures the mutual communication between computers over computer or telecommunication networks. These applications are developed and shared around the world and are often created with a focus on functionality, not security. This makes the applications very vulnerable and so they must be tested for vulnerabilities. Cocoon risk management can perform an extensive and rapid security test for you. We have the right tools, knowledge and expertise to provide you with insight into your vulnerabilities.

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What is a security application test?

Security applications are often on a different network than the rest of the office. A Security Application Test is a penetration test that focuses on the network with all security applications, such as CCTV systems, access control, lighting and the intercom. When we perform a Security Application Test, we observe whether the security applications, such as the CCTV, can be penetrated. The results of this test provide insight into how well the network with the security applications is secured.


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Why a security application test?

A company’s security applications contain information that a potential burglar can use, such as CCTV and access control. If the network with these applications is hacked, this can have disastrous consequences for the company. Because security applications are often on a different network than the rest of the office, a specific test to test the security of this network is very important. We as Cocoon Risk Management possess the specialist knowledge needed to properly perform a Security Application Test.

A Security Application Test provides insight into how well the network with securityt applicaions is secured, and is therefore very important to determine the vulnerability of the company. Based on the results of the Security Application Test, the security of this network can then be improved.

What can you expect from us?

At Cocoon risk management, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform security applications tests. We combine our years of experience as a consultancy with the knowledge and drive of young cyber specialists. At Cocoon we always strive for short communication lines. Due to the complexity and diversity, we usually put together a project team of specialists for our clients. The project team always has one fixed contact person for the client who knows all the ins and outs of your specific situation. This personal element combined with the approach of the project team provides tailor-made solutions. We are a completely independent Dutch consultancy that is not influenced by any form of conflict of interest. Whether it concerns safety, security or cybersecurity, we are happy to help you. Quality and integrity are of paramount importance to us!