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Have a project BREEAM certified

Have a project BREEAM in-use certified

Have an OSINT investigation performed

Obtain information on bombletters and powderletters

ABDO 2019 Laptop veiligiheid

Obtain elaborate information on penetration tests

Obtain elaborate information on red teaming

Test the security of my organization

Acquire advice on fire safety without obligation

Acquire advice on security without obligation

Acquire advice on cybersecurity without obligation

Employ a young security professional

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Fysical Penetration Test

Test the resilience and security level of your organization with a physical penetration test performed by Cocoon.
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Red Teaming

We give you insight into your vulnerabilities by means of a Red Teaming attack. 

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CPTED Quickscan

We apply architectural measures to your construction project, with the aim to achieve a higher level of safety at your organization.

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BREEAM Safety & Security Advisor

As a safety and security advisor, Cocoon can support your BREAAM New-Build Construction.

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Cybersecurity Policy

Cocoon proposes a clear and complete cybersecurity policy for your organization.

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About Cocoon

Cocoon risk management has been providing practical solutions in the field of Safety, Security and Design since 2000. Our services include making an inventory of your risks and providing professionally substantiated, customized advice.


We are a Dutch, independent consultancy firm.


Efficient, effective and customer-oriented solutions for every security issue.


Cocoon is known as one of the forerunners in the market.

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A personal approach in combination with a project-based approach ensures customization.

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