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Cocoon performs physical PEN tests that provide insight into the vulnerabilities within your security

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Understanding your security vulnerabilities

Cocoon risk management performs a physical PEN test in which an attempt is made to penetrate a site, building, department or process. The results of this give you insight into the weak spots and or gaps of your access security. A physical PEN test is the best way to test your security and to increase the security awareness of employees.

Tackling vulnerabilities within your organization remains difficult. Hidden security vulnerabilities are always present on a site or in a building, and because you work within the organization every day, it is not always easy to measure the effectiveness of current security measures. Thus, it is wise to have a PEN test performed. The result of this? That you are even better prepared for an attack from the outside. A physical penetration test shows whether your organization has taken sufficient security measures to stop malicious parties. In addition to creating this insight, you will experience that security guards, but also other parties involved, are much more alert and aware after such an exercise than before. There is really no better or simpler training. Cocoon risk management has years of experience in conducting security audits. We are known as experienced and extremely innovative and are ready to take your organization to a higher level of safety!

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What is a physical PEN test?

The purpose of a physical pen test is to realistically simulate a security attack. In this way, our trained intruders can make security vulnerabilities within your organization visible to you and your staff. Our auditors try to gain unauthorized access to a site, building, department or process of your organization. Once inside, auditors try to get hold of confidential documents or resources. This is usually done by bypassing access control within an organization. In this way, the security guards and other security measures of the organization are tested. To perform a PEN Test, we use various tools and methods such as Social Engineering, Tailgating, Piggybacking and much more.

It is also good for you to know that a physical PEN test differs from other security auditing methods such as Red Teaming and Mystery Visits. All three are methods of testing security, but they differ in scale and execution. Cocoon therefore also provides Red Teaming, which focuses on attacking an organization or process in which the weak spots and vulnerabilities are exposed. And with a Mystery Visit, certain security procedures and/or measures are tested by an inconspicuous person.

We help you discover the vulnerabilities in your organization!

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The advantages of a physical PEN test

The results of a physical PEN test give you insight into how effective your controls and security measures are, and how they can be used more effectively in a cost-efficient way. We test your access security, and in case we get through (which is almost always the case) we look for confidential information. The PEN test thus provides useful insights into the level of access and information security. We show you and your employees that certain vulnerabilities can lead to permanent damage to your business processes. You will also be surprised what influence a penetration test has on the awareness of your employees. Employees are often a lot more involved and alert after a pen test at your location. Performing a PEN test after an awareness training can also provide insight into the progress of your staff.

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What can you expect from us?

Cocoon has been active in our sector for more than 20 years. This means that we have a lot of knowledge and expertise. We have been active in the field of security audits for years and have been able to carry out many assignments. Both for small organizations, large multinationals and the national government. We are extremely innovative and one of the forerunners in our field. Our experts and methods are constantly evolving. We stay up-to-date by following training courses and developing new methods. We provide clear and useful reporting. All identified security vulnerabilities are presented to you in a clear manner. This way you and your staff can work to close the gaps.

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