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Cocoon draws up a clear and complete cyber security policy for your organization.

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Policy for digital safety and security

In collaboration with you, Cocoon risk management draws up a useful and complete cybersecurity policy. This policy makes your organization more resilient and is customized for your organization.

Within an organization, cyber security is often only an important issue for a small part of the employees, for example for the IT department and (top) management. However, cybersecurity should be important to every employee within the organization and not just a specific group of employees. People are still often the weak link in the security of an organization and it is very important that employees, customers and stakeholders are aware of what is and is not allowed. A cyber security policy is also required by law for some organizations. Cocoon risk management can ensure that you are compliant with ISO standards and other laws and regulations. It is the ideal way to make the entire organization more resilient.

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What is a Cyber Security Policy?

In a Cyber Security Policy, the guidelines for dealing with and managing all IT-related matters within an organization are included. The first part of the policy document states what security level must be achieved, who bears which responsibilities and which stakeholders are involved. The policy also covers the different areas of cybersecurity. Think of a password protection policy or an email encryption policy. Additional laws and regulations sometimes apply to organizations that operate in certain sectors, which are also included in the policy. Every organization has different cybersecurity priorities.

Cocoon ensures that we draw up a cybersecurity policy that seamlessly matches your specific situation!


Cyber Security Policy

Cybercrime in numbers


of the SME in The Netherlands has been a victim of Ransomware

billion euros of damage for companies


of companies are confronted with some form of cyber crime

cyber security policy

Why a Cyber Security Policy?

Cyber Security Policies are important because they protect against the often costly consequences of cyber attacks. The procedures and rules included in the policy ensure that the risk of human error is significantly reduced. Your employees are often the weak spots in security. For organizations in the healthcare, financial or insurance sector that work with large amounts of sensitive information, this type of policy is of extra importance. These organizations may be at risk of fines handed out by controlling government agencies in the event of inadequate information security.

A cyber security policy also contributes to the reputation and reliability of your organization, because a cyber security policy can demonstrate that you are compliant with laws and regulations and that you maintain a certain level of cyber security.

What can you expect from us?

At Cocoon risk management, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to draw up a complete and comprehensive cybersecurity policy for you. We combine our years of experience as a consultancy with the knowledge and drive of young cyber specialists. At Cocoon we always strive for short communication lines. Due to the complexity and diversity, we usually put together a project team of specialists for our clients. The project team always has one fixed contact person for the client who knows all the ins and outs of your specific situation. This personal element combined with the approach of the project team provides customized solutions. We are a completely independent Dutch consultancy firm that is not influenced by any form of conflict of interest. Whether it concerns safety, security or cybersecurity, we are happy to help you. Quality and integrity are of paramount importance to us!