Drafting a Risk Analysis

Cocoon can draft a risk analysis for all your Safety & Security issues

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An insight into your risks

The first advice we will give you right now is free: ‘Stop making expensive investments in security technology and start with a risk analysis’. You can onky take effective measures if you know exactly what you need and want to protect yourself against.

Cocoon risk management performs risk analyses by mapping out threats and risks in the field of Safety & Security. We use the available knowledge and our expertise to determine how often hazards can arise and how big the possible consequences can be. Based on this, we provide advice on how best to manage the risks. Drawing up a risk analysis is often done quickly, so you know where you stand and what you can do to limit your risks at a reasonable cost.

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About Cocoon

Cocoon risk management has been providing practical solutions in the field of Safety, Security and Design since 2000. Our services include making an inventory of your risks and providing professionally substantiated, customized advice.


We are a Dutch, independent consultancy firm.


Efficient, effective and customer-oriented solutions for every security issue.


Cocoon is known as one of the forerunners in the market.

Personalized approach

A personal approach in combination with a project-based approach ensures customization.

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Benefits of drawing up a risk analysis

It is important to know exactly to which risks organizations are exposed. Only in this way can we avoid problems and budget sustainably on safety. By conducting professional research, we gain insight into the risks for your organization, everyone involved is informed of the problem and risks can be made manageable.

The results of a risk analysis are of great importance in determining safety measures and policy within an organisation. Making a risk analysis is therefore a must for every organisation, especially if you are in the design phase of a construction plan, the rental or purchase of a new property or a major renovation. You can already prevent a large part of the risks by simply implementing the right measures. Prevent loss of turnover, damage to image, loss of time and a deteriorated competitive position if you let Cocoon draw up a risk analysis!


Risk analysis method & specialization

A risk is in fact an undesirable event, the consequence of which is damage or loss. At Cocoon we specialize in physical safety. This includes fire safety, undesirable behavior such as vandalism, but also criminal behavior like organized crime. In addition, we at Cocoon specialize in terror-related risks and the processing of risks through Security by Design. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience with Security by Design, we can even design out potential risks for you. Different analysis methods have been developed for different types of risk. We use the following methods for our analyses: Adversary Sequence Diagram, Critical Path Analysis, The Hague Method, Incident BowTie, Integral Risk Inventory System, Fault Tree Analysis, EASI Path Analysis, ISO 30001 and ISO 27001. In recent years, we developed customized analyses for complex and terror-related risks.

What can you expect from us?

The way we work is no secret. In fact, the results of our work will be more accurate and ultimately more widely supported if we can make it happen together. Your organization will also learn from this, which is guaranteed to benefit the result. At Cocoon, we consciously opt for a personal approach, in which your organization and the safety of your employees are central. We prefer that we involve one of your employees in a project, or even carry out the project jointly. Typical for Cocoon is the hands-on mentality. We don’t like unnecessarily long reports, but prefer to tell you directly what it says and give you useful advice that you can use immediately. Expect a clear and complete report with practical advice from us.

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