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BREEAM Security New-Build Construction

Cocoon Risk Management has delivered dozens of projects in the context of BREEAM New-Build Construction in recent years. As an expert by experience, we have therefore contributed to the new BREEAM security assessment guideline. This makes us a very experienced and suitable partner for new-build construction projects.

BREEAM New-Build Construction has been the certification method for sustainably developed new-build construction projects since 2009. We have more than 20 years of experience in conducting research, analysis and security plans in the field of Security by Design. Our no-nonsense approach focuses on implementing cost-effective measures that improve safety in the environment. This method has now been successfully applied to many projects.

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About Cocoon

Cocoon risk management has been providing practical solutions in the field of Safety, Security and Design since 2000. Our services include making an inventory of your risks and providing professionally substantiated, customized advice.


We are a Dutch, independent consultancy firm.


Efficient, effective and customer-oriented solutions for every security issue.


Cocoon is known as one of the forerunners in the market.

Personalized approach

A personal approach in combination with a project-based approach ensures customization.

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BREEAM Safety & Security Advisor

You must demonstrate that a verifiably qualified safety advisor has drawn up safety advice during the design phase. In addition, the design team must have consulted with the safety advisor during the design process and the recommendations must have been incorporated into the design of the building and (if applicable) incorporated into the parking facilities belonging to the design and the immediate vicinity of the building.

Finally, it must be demonstrated that the building complies with the recommendations made in one of the following ways:

1. An inspection report from the safety advisor confirms that the building complies with the design recommendations.
2. The building has obtained a BREEAM approved Dutch security certificate.

As an external certified consultant we can demonstrate that you comply with this guideline!


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Total certified area

Certificates given (from 2016 onwards)

Certified non-residential buildings

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Why Cocoon as your BREEAM safety and security advisor?

All projects in the field of security and crime prevention at Cocoon are led by Rob van Dijk (RSE RCE ATO). Rob van Dijk has extensive experience with large and smaller projects, but always with the mission to secure without affecting the appearance of the environment or the building. If there is a need for heavy security, we will draw up a security plan and write specifications. But if that is not necessary, we use the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) method. This method is largely described in the Safe Design and Management Handbook of the Safe Design and Management Foundation, of which our expert Rob van Dijk is also a director. With CPTED, we can influence desirable and undesirable behavior without negatively affecting the sense of security, the project budget, or other general concerns in the field of security and accessibility.

At Cocoon, we therefore always take both the economic and safety interests into account during the process, so that you achieve a higher level of safety against lower initial costs!

What can you expect from us?

BREEAM New-Build cConstruction is an excellent method for implementing sustainable solutions in the field of safety. The BREEAM security assessment guideline focuses on identifying and stimulating effective design measures that increase social safety in the vicinity of the project. The aim is to provide protection against common crime such as vandalism, incidental burglaries and theft.

We have divided our consultancy activities with regard to BREEAM processes into clear phases. This way you know exactly what to expect from us at what time and you can take this into account in your planning and your process. After we have received a written order, we will immediately get to work for you. Cocoon risk management is a fully independent consultancy firm that is not affected by any form of conflict of interest. Quality and integrity are our top priority!